Youth News

NEW RESOURCE FROM ANSWERS IN GENESIS is a new resource available online from the ministry that provides all our Sunday School material.  We are wasting no time in getting started and have decided on our first Apologetics endeavor for 5th grade and up.  Critical Thinking (CT) is a video presentation by Patricia Engler.  Is it even possible to teach "discernment?"  Started on 10/25, please pray for all of God's children to learn this ability and to fulfill God's purpose for their lives.  Amen! 

ATTENTION YOUTH!  Watch the video (below) and complete the worksheet.  We will discuss at our next youth meeting. 

Critical Thinking - Part 1.pdf Critical Thinking - Part 1.pdf
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CAMP REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  FRIDAY, MAY 15TH, 2020  !!!              Attention: All campers!  PLEASE turn in your pre-registration forms this week in order for postmark of 5/15 to be applied. 


The love month was dedicated to showing God our love and gratitude by delving deeper into HIS Word!  Each day of this short month, the youth of First Baptist were searching out scripture in the Book of Proverbs.  The youth were joined by the entire congregation, and a mid-month "Cake Walk" fun day was held for those who accepted the challenge.  No one left empty-handed, and everyone was encouraged by the Godly wisdom of Proverbs!


Due to the awesome participation in last month's bible-reading challenge, the youth of First Baptist are once again challenged to keep reading their Bibles!  They have taken on the five chapters of the Book of James, only one chapter per week.  With more time for each chapter, a closer look is possible; and more time spent dwelling on the Word of God is reward in itself.  PLEASE continue to pray for our youth as they attempt to come near to God and understand more of his attributes.  Amen!

COVID-19 and Sunday School

As we struggle to navigate the government mandate to discontinue meeting together, we have pondered how to keep up the good work of learning and growing in Christ!  But thanks to new technology, we have a temporary solution to our current dilemma.  It is called ZOOM and is a way in which the Sunday School can continue to meet and talk about God without exposing anyone to possible contamination of the Corona virus!  A successful trial run of the First Baptist Church Virtual Classroom was conducted on Sunday, March, 29th!  Please pray for the continued success of this project.  Thank you to those who participated.  


Although we cannot meet together in God's house this Easter Sunday, let us not forget to honor God by remembering his son and the sacrifice he made on the cross to pay our sin debt.  It is through this precious gift from the Lord Jesus Christ that we will be able to meet together in heaven some day soon!  May God bless everyone for their faithfulness and perseverance in the face of adversity...did you finish the book of James?  Look for questions to the last chapter in the mail next week!