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The Last Potluck

Sunday, March 31, 2019, was a beautiful day in the house of the Lord! Twenty (20) were in attendance during the service and almost all stayed for the noon meal and fellowship.  Chili, cornbread, "Maid-rites," roast, Brussels sprout casserole, potato salad, cole slaw, corn, jello salads, and a table full of delicious treats were served.  Thank you to all who contributed to the feast, and special thanks to God for the bounty!  

New Book of the Oldest Story  

Six children attended Sunday School (3/31), and all gave undivided attention to the review of the story of Creation with new material obtained directly from the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.  Do you know the historical account of creation as recounted by the only living witness to the event?  How many hours are in a day?  Did dinosaurs exist alongside Adam and Eve?  For anyone interested in learning the truth, drop by any Sunday School classroom next week . . . for the rest of the story!                                               

Genesis: Paradise Lost

Join us Wednesday night (4/10) at 6:00 p.m. for the beginning of the Creation Story as told regularly at the Creation Museum in Kentucky.  This movie presentation was purchased at the museum and is brand new to First Baptist Church!  Come for the truth and stay for the fellowship.  All are welcome to attend.                                                                                 

Easter Sunrise Service 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended the early morning service and helped with breakfast!  It was so good to fellowship with so many.   


Apologist Ken Ham inspires hundreds of pastors with a message that is left out of far too many pulpits: Scripture is clear, and Genesis is relevant! Both are foundational to our faith and shape our worldview. Start your thinking on the rock of God’s Word and join us Wednesday night (4/17) for this informational and inspirational video presentation.                                                                                    


This is the official trailer for the recently released movie called UNPLANNED based on the memoirs of Abby Johnson.  Every Christian needs to see this!  First Baptist will be showing this movie on a Wednesday in May.  Exact time and day of showing TBA. 

Presentation by Usama Dakdok

On Wednesday evening, May 22,  2019, at 6:00 p.m., First Baptist Church hosted speaker, author, and Christian radio host Usama Dakdok.  Mr. Dakdok was raised by a Baptist minister in Egypt and has an insight into the false religion of Islam that God's people need to understand.  Mr. Dakdok serves God by witnessing to Muslims and teaching Christians the truth surrounding Islam.  His message is to stand firm in our faith by continuing to acknowledge Christ daily and to walk the narrow path that leads to eternal glory with God.  For more information, go to "The Straight Way of Grace" Ministry at