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One Race, One Blood

If you are "on the fence" regarding our descent from one man and one woman, this video presentation (started last week) is a must!  Answers in Genesis co-founder, Ken Ham discusses biblical account of creation and sheds light on the subject using the science of genetics to help us understand that we are all related and in the family of God.  Part II, scheduled for next week (8-28-19), will continue on this important topic, which enables us to see the Bible as the final authority on this very important and foundational matter.   

Our Daily Bread

Once again, don't forget to pick up your copy of these wonderfully insightful devotionals for the months of September/ October/ November of 2019.  Remember, go to the IMPORTANT LINKS page of this site for a direct link to Our Daily Bread!  Any way you get there, the "Good Book" is the place to be!

Happy 80th Birthday, Kira Weber!

First Baptist Church is united in gratitude for the countless hours and tireless effort of our dear sister, Kira!  She has served God in this place and in many capacities over the years, but it is her gift of music as the sole church pianist and organist that we are so very thankful for today!  Kira's family, church family, and friends honored her birthday last Sunday (8-18-19) by coming together in one place for a memorable afternoon of fellowship and food at the church.  The basement was beautifully decorated in preparation for the nearly 200 people who were in attendance! Thanks to God for allowing us the privilege of serving Him alongside this dear sister-in-Christ!

Back to School!

All the youth of First Baptist Church went back to school on Friday, Sept. 23rd!  It was a day of joy for many.  Please join the prayer warriors of First Baptist as they petition God on behalf of all young people--that they would have a year befitting to children who are growing in Christ . . . and that the schools, curriculum, and especially the teachers would be pleasing to God--in spite of any worldly effort that is contrary to this objective.  May God continue to show his mercy and blessing upon First Baptist Church.  Amen!